Junk Removal Services

We specialize in the removal and disposal of unwanted items, debris, and clutter from residential, commercial, or construction sites. We help individuals and businesses efficiently and responsibly dispose of items that are difficult to handle on their own.

We focus on environmentally friendly disposal methods, including recycling items, donating usable items to charities, or disposing of non-recyclable items in an eco-friendly manner. When considering a junk removal service, it's advisable to check reviews, ask for recommendations, and inquire about pricing and disposal methods.

1-3 Hour Average

We aim to complete junk removal services within 1-3 hours.

Detailed Cleanup

All junk will be hauled away from the job site

Zero Surprise Fees

All costs will be disclosed before work begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Junk removal service involves junk pick up, item separation & haul away from a general area or living space. Depending on the items that need to be moved, proper planning, hazardous containment & drop off need to be considered during the inspection.

Prices can range for a few items like mattresses as low as $100 & up to estate clean outs. The average price in the Colorado Springs area is roughly around $175 for smaller jobs.

Our junk removal services haul away:

  • Furniture
    • Couches, sofas, sofa beds, mattresses, chairs, tables, bookcases, cubicles, desks, file cabinets, boxes, armoires, tool units, etc.
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Yard Waste
  • Foreclosure Clean outs
  • Appliances
  • Hot Tub Disposal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Mattress Disposal 
  • Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
  • Construction Waste 
  • Garbage 
  • Dumpster Rental Alternative
  1. Make a list of items you would like removed or simply start a pile
  2. Check if you have valuables you would like to sell
  3. Call OneCall Decon & Restoration at (719) 210-0872 for a estimate
  • Open paint cans, any size
  • Any products/items that contain Asbestos 
  • Broken glass
  • Vehicles
  • Leaky products (unless packaged securely)
  1. Call OneCall Decon & Restoration at (719) 210-0872
  2. After discussing your project we will send you a quote
  3. Once you approve the quote we will perform the junk removal immediately
  4. We separate trash from items that can be recycled/donated
  5. We thoroughly clean up the job site

We can give you a ballpark estimate. It optimal to conduct an in person inspection, we also are happy to look at any photos you can provide via text or email. The more details we have the closer we can give you a quote.